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Cement tiles are natural material, that will dictate the need to seal the installed area, in order to restrain absorption of stains such as wine, coffee, oil, coke etc.

Sealing the tiles is easy, any one can do.

The sealer must be the right one to have the perfect results.

Use our fantastic  "NOGA" seal - water base.

you can purchase NOGA sealer and have it delivered with your tiles order. 

                     about our great soap and cleansing materials 


Sealing implementation instructions


  1. A week after tiles are installed, you should smoothly polish the surface with a fine sand paper                  number 400, in order to remove all leftovers.

  2. The surface must be wiped with a damp cloth to remove all the dust.

  3. Sealer can be applied with a roller.

  4. The tile will be saturated after 2 layers. Do not apply too much sealer, as the excess will leave                              a thick layer that will show traces.

  5. In case that the tiles are installed with gaps, you should apply 1 layer of sealer before grouting,                         to prevent stains from grouting materials. That is usually in wet areas under running water.

  6. Noga sealer is sufficient for 10 years, we highly recommend to apply the sealer again after that period.

  7. Should you have any further  question please





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