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NOGA high quality cement tiles will serve you for life time - 

in order to enjoy and get the best appearance of a smooth floor 

it is best to follow our maintenance instructions:


1. Soon you will be able to  use our NOGA detergent in order to achieve a natural       shine look, that will enhance during the years.

2. Any other natural non acid soap will do.

3. Never use harsh detergents and / or acid 

    as acid can attack the cement.

4. In the first weeks after installing the tiles, you should expect

    some calcium appearance ( white powder) - that can be 

    easily removed by damp cloth or sweeping the floor.

5. Important - in case of high calcium appearance after longer time,  there is a      probability that there is humidity under the floor, please contact a professional


6. For heavy traffic floors - these areas require special protection and attention 

    on a daily maintenanace, please consult us.

7. for any further questions please



NOGA cement tiles
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