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Noga cement tiles are 200X200X16 mm within standard tollerance +/- 1 mm.

When installed properly, our cement tiles will give the best effect lasting forever.


 Implementation instructions:

1. Cement tiles must be installed on a leveled, clean and dry                 surface.

2. Humid subsoil might cause stains on the tile's surface.

3. Adhesive must be applied evenly on the surface, using a large         size toothed trowel.

4. Apply evenly adhasive on the back side of the tile.

5. Lay the tiles with white rubber hummer (colored hammer might      leave stains on the tile).

6. grouting - use spacers of 1.5-2 mm between the tiles , use White     or Light Gray color acrilyc grout . MUST spread 1st layer of

   sealer     before grouting to protect the tiles from stains , then   

   grout and     clan the floor from remains and then 2nd layer of

    sealer .

7. Under floor Heating Systems - must follow instructions as               above , use the the correct primer matching the Glue , must use     glue on the back of the tile to avoid tiles being separated from         the glue due to heating and poor installation .      


NOGA cement tiles
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